My research focuses on neutron stars and black holes that are accompanied by a regular star that can feed them gas. With my research group, I study the physics of accretion, the jets and disk winds that are produced with it, thermonuclear X-ray bursts occurring on the surface of accreting neutron stars, and the impact that accreting neutron stars and black holes have on their environment. I also study these systems when they are not accreting, and I use the thermal glow of neutron stars to study their interior (see also my CV). Furthermore, I am the principal investigator of a daily X-ray monitoring campaign of the center of our Milky Way galaxy using the Swift satellite, through which I study the Milky Way’s  supermassive black hole and many other smaller black holes and neutron stars that inhabit the central parts of our Galaxy. Some of my recent research projects and those of my group members are highlighted below.