Short bio-sketch:
2020-present: Assistant professor (universitair docent), University of Amsterdam
2016-2020: NWO Vidi group leader, University of Amsterdam
2014-2016: Marie Curie fellow, University of Cambridge
2011-2014: Hubble fellow, University of Michigan
2010-2011: Postdoc, University of Amsterdam
2010: PhD in Astronomy, University of Amsterdam
2004-2006: Master in Astronomy, University of Amsterdam

Quick links:
CV (updated February 2023): full or 1-page summary
Publications on NASA ADS: first author or all
PhD thesis (UvA link)

Main research interests:
Jets and disk winds from X-ray binaries
The impact of outflows on binary evolution and the interstellar medium
Multi-wavelength observations of X-ray binaries
Evolutionary stages of X-ray binaries
Low-luminosity accretion onto neutron stars and stellar-mass black holes
Thermonuclear X-ray bursts occurring on accreting neutron stars
Using neutron stars to probe ultra-dense matter

Selection of press:

2022: A powerful warm wind blown by a cosmic cookie monster (NY Post, Daily Mail)
2022: The Milky Way’s supermassive black hole is unpredictable (NOVA press release)
2022: A rare cosmic hyperburst seen for the first and possibly last time (New Scientist NL, Sciphysics)

2021: Podcast episode “The astronomers, the ninja and the unreachable radio telescope” for the BNN/VARA series “Bijvangst” (about serendipity in science, in Dutch

2020: Thirty years of Hubble Space Telescope (Dutch newspaper interview in Het Parool)
2020: Jet-setting in the infrared (AAS research highlight)

2019-2020: Sounds of Interstellar Space with jazz ensemble TRIFID

2019: Impossible black hole discovered (Dutch radio interview for Met het oog op morgen)
2019: Black hole in our Milky Way is brighter and more active than ever (Dutch news item)
2019: Faces of JINA-CEE, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics – Center Interview for the Evolution of the Elements (interview newsletter September 2019)

2018: Powerful jet coming from wrong kind of neutron star (NRAO press release)
2018: Strongly magnetic neutron star with jet disproves existing theories (NOVA press release)

2017: Mind the gap, Rapid burster behavior explained (ESA press release)
2017: Neutron stars with strong magnetic fields may launch jets (NOVA press release)

2014: Gas cloud on collision course with supermassive black hole (Dutch newspaper)
2014: Swift monitoring program of the Galactic center (HEASARC Picture of the Week)
2014: Black hole’s ‘Big Meal’ meal could spark fireworks (BCC news interview)
2014: NASA’s Swift catches X-ray action at Milky Way’s center (NASA press release)

2013: A cosmic sleight of hand (Sky&Telescope feature)
2012: Snacks for the supermassive black hole (German radio interview)
2011: Peeking into the interior of a neutron star (Dutch press release)